Passive Witness: Music Meets Environment

Last week for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the local Philadelphia band Perpetuals to discuss all things music and the environment. On Friday, April 24th 2020 their new song "Passive Witness" officially released to the public. Deviating from the Perpetuals' typical alternative-rock sound, "Passive Witness" takes the listener on a cinematic journey through humanity's environmental injustices.

In our interview, we delve into what inspires us and why projects like this matter.

We are so excited to have "Passive Witness" featured in our upcoming documentary Earth Day: 50 Years In The Making.

Be sure to follow Perpetuals to keep up with their upcoming work:

Instagram: @perpetualsband

Facebook: @perpetualsbandusa

Twitter: @perpetualsband

TikTok: @perpetuals


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