Our Mission

Earth Day: 50 Years In The Making is a project dedicated to analyzing green ideologies and technologies – beginning with the birth of Earth Day in 1970, through Earth Day's 50th anniversary in 2020. Earth Day is known as the "largest civic-focused day of action in the world" according to the Earth Day Network. And we examine why Earth Day is so influential on public opinions and consumption habits, as we explore history, politics, and media. We aim to call attention to early environmental projects such as Earthships, and consider why they haven't caught on amid our modern-day climate crisis.

The mission of Earth Day: 50 Years In The Making is to help inform students, teachers, businessmen, and industry leaders alike about the Earth's delicate and complex system. 

For Earth Day's 50th Anniversary, we are giving our planet the celebration it deserves.

Meet The Team

Jess Mihalczo

Jess is a senior at Temple University majoring in advertising. She has experience in digital marketing, media planning, graphic design, and social media marketing. Jess was inspired to create Earth Day: 50 Years In The Making after she and Kerry traveled to Arcosanti, AZ and learned all about sustainable living on a macro-scale. Moving forward, Jess hopes to pursue a career that marries her skills in advertising and communications with her passion for sustainability and humanitarianism. In her free time, Jess loves going hiking with her two golden retrievers Jack and Jill, playing video games, and supporting local music in Philadelphia.  

Kerry Shanahan

Kerry is a junior at Temple University majoring in Media Studies & Production and minoring in Environmental Studies. She's interested in documentary filmmaking and activist media. In her spare time, Kerry enjoys spending time with her friends, attending sporting events, and traveling. Much like Jess, Kerry was inspired to create this project by her time in Arcosanti, AZ. Seeing sustainable alternatives to everyday ways of living has inspired her even further to bring light to these practices. In the future, Kerry hopes to pursue a career as a media coordinator for environmental organizations.

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