Earth Day:

50 Years In

The Making

A modern day analysis of media, policy, and the environment from 1970 to today

Did You Know?

That currently about 40% of the world's population lives within 100 kilometers or roughly 60 miles of coastlines. (source)

High Risk Communities

That means that almost half of all global communities are at the highest risk for coastal erosion, flooding, and oceanic natural disasters. 

Inefficient Coastal Protection

Manmade structures such as seawalls, groins and breakwaters can hinder natural vegatation growth and destroy underwater ecosystems that naturally filter the water. (source)

Meet The Mangrove Tree

Mangrove trees grow in low-oxygen soil along tropical and subtropical coastlines and have dense, tangled roots that protect the coast from storms and erosion. Mangrove tree roots also attract fish and other organisms to seek shelter and populate. (source)

For more information on the history of Earth Day see the blog post "The History of Earth Day"

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